Gyrotonic - Specialized Equipment

Gyrotonic - Specialized Equipment

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Gyrotonic - Specialized Equipment
  • Archway 07-27-23

    I've curated this 30 minute Archway class to strengthen, stretch and challenge the body while maintaining this setup; side bars stay in, propellor stays on, straps remain. Reflecting ease of transitions regarding equipment saves time so you can focus these 30 minutes on your workout.

  • Jumping/Stretching Board 07-01-23

    This is a comprehensive class on the JSB designed with minimal equipment transitions. Curated to engage body and mind both physically and mentally; this dynamic fitness session combines elements of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility work.

  • Leg Extension Unit 06-29-23

    This class targets the muscles in the legs, hips, and core, aiming to enhance flexibility, balance, and strength. Through a series of dynamic and controlled movements, students work on elongating the muscles while maintaining proper alignment, promoting improved functional movement patterns and s...

  • Gyrotoner 11-18-23

    Beginning with Bicycle mode and traveling thru the body to end with the lower body aspect, this is a full body exploration on the Gyrotoner.
    Curated for minimal transitions, this is one of my favorite classes on this piece of equipment.