Gyrotonic - Advanced

Gyrotonic - Advanced

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Gyrotonic - Advanced
  • GT Advanced Pulley Tower 07-18-23

    This Gyrotonic Level 2 class is an advanced-level fitness session that builds upon the foundational movements of Gyrotonic. It introduces more complex sequences and challenges participants with advanced exercises to enhance flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

  • GT Advanced Pulley Tower 05-27-23

    This advanced level work is taken straight out of the Level 2, Program 1 manual. I've curated this class to help you initiate yourself firmly into the level 2 syllabus. Enjoy!

  • GT Advanced Pulley Tower 05-29-23

    In this advanced video, we look at a variety of exercises in the kneeling arch/curl sequence.
    We also find clarity and precision within the hamstring series exercises of starburst and stirring the clouds.

  • GT Adv. Tower 09-23-23

    Drawing from the Level 2: Program 1 format, this class dives into sequences including: Iguana, Traction and Standing Upper Body.
    I've curated this class to give you a challenging workout in a short amount of time. Enjoy!