Gyrotonic - Basics

Gyrotonic - Basics

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Gyrotonic - Basics
  • GT Basics Pulley Tower 05-31-23

    In this video I take a deep dive into the basic arch/curl; breaking the movement down into 4 shapes for clarification and precision. Followed by a thorough yet accessible hamstring sequence.

  • GT Basics Pulley Tower 06-25-23

    This Level 1 workout is a comprehensive experience touching on each of the families from the Gyrotonic Level 1 syllabus. Designed to give total body stimulation, you'll feel invigorated from head to toe!

  • GT Basics Pulley Tower: Hamstrings Exploration 11-3-23

    This hamstrings workout focuses on strengthening and lengthening the hamstring muscles using the Level 1 material. It promotes improved flexibility, muscle tone, and overall functional strength in the hamstrings, helping to enhance both athletic performance and everyday mobility.