Gyrokinesis - Intermediate

Gyrokinesis - Intermediate

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Gyrokinesis - Intermediate
  • GK Intermediate 06-17-23

    Drawing from the Level 1: 90 minute syllabus, this class is designed to challenge students at the intermediate level.
    I've included spinal work on the stool as well as seated waves and a demanding abdominal sequence.

  • GK Intermediate 06-09-23

    This intermediate Gyrokinesis class builds upon the foundational exercises incorporating more challenging elements. It is designed to further enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination for individuals with prior Gyrokinesis experience.

  • GK Intermediate 07-08-23

    In this class, we build upon elements from the 60 minute format and continue to challenge you with more complex sequences and variations.

  • GK Intermediate: Abdominals 10-27-23

    Join me at the beautiful Santa Barbara Mission Rose Garden as we explore a Gyrokinesis Abdominal series. Enjoy!!

  • GK Intermediate 11-25-23

    This class is derived from the Lotus Blossom formats with some accessible Level 2 elements thrown in.
    A solid "intermediate" level, you will be challenged at a manageable pace.