Gyrokinesis - Basics

Gyrokinesis - Basics

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Gyrokinesis - Basics
  • GK Fundamentals 06-17-23

    Start here! This video breaks down the fundamental movements needed to carry you into other videos.
    Breaking down shoulder alignment, and the concepts of the '5th line,' and 'matador pelvis,' I've curated this class to assist absolute beginners to establish a Gyrokinesis practice with clarity an...

  • Awakening of the Senses 07-08-23

    Awakening of the Senses focuses on stimulating and heightening one's sensory perception through a series of self massage techniques. By engaging all the senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell—this approach aims to create a deeper connection with the environment and cultivate a heightened ...

  • GK Homework Series 06-15-23

    The Gyrokinesis Homework series focuses on the concept of 'narrowing the pelvis.' Creating strength through contrast and coordination, you will learn how to carry this concept throughout the rest of your practice.

  • GK Basics 06-24-23

    This is a dynamic session with the focus on the beginning student. It combines fluid movements as well as stretching and strengthening to improve posture and overall body awareness.

  • GK Basics 06-09-23

    This basics class focuses on introducing fundamentals to beginners. It includes gentle exercises that promote body awareness, strength, and flexibility, making it an accessible entry point for individuals new to the method.