Gyrokinesis - Advanced

Gyrokinesis - Advanced

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Gyrokinesis - Advanced
  • GK Advanced: Level 2 prep 60 min 09-23-23

    Designed to heighten the challenge that Gyrokinesis provides, this class takes the student into uncharted territory. Prepare to stimulate each bodily system with greater intensity.

  • GK Advanced 06-10-23

    This 30 minute advanced Gyrokinesis workout uses elements from the Gyrokinesis Level 2 Beginner format to build upon the foundational exercises with increased complexity and challenging sequences. It is designed to push experienced practitioners to their limits within a condensed time frame.

  • GK Advanced 06-11-23

    This advanced Gyrokinesis class draws from the Gyrokinesis Level 2 Beginner format to further challenge and refine the practitioner's physical capabilities.

  • GK Advanced 08-05-23

    This class is an evolved format that integrates the beginning and ending of the Gyrokinesis Level 2 Prep format. It builds upon the foundation of traditional Gyrokinesis by incorporating more intricate sequences and challenging postures, offering practitioners a heightened level of physical and m...