Gyrotonic - Intermediate

Gyrotonic - Intermediate

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Gyrotonic - Intermediate
  • GT Intermediate Pulley Tower 06-13-23

    This intermediate workout is a dynamic and challenging experience for individuals with prior Gyrotonic knowledge.
    The focus is on fluidity, rhythm and technique.

  • GT Intermediate Pulley Tower 05-28-23

    Looking at advanced elements from the Level 1 syllabus and more accessible elements from the Level 2 syllabus, this class will leave you feeling challenged yet successful! I break down certain exercises to help clarify and speed some up to challenge you.

  • GT Intermediate Pulley Tower 07-28-23

    In this video we investigate the patella/quad series as well as a variation on the traditional standing arch/curl. This class is inspired by a client of mine who battles scoliosis as well as tight hip flexors; there is a strong focus on matador pelvis.

  • GT Intermediate: Upper Body 9-16-23

    Pulling sequences from Specialized Equipment and Pulley Tower variations, this class focuses on the upper body.
    Articulation of the wrists, bicep curls, and chest openers are just a few of the movements you can expect in this workout.

  • GT Intermediate: Abdominals 09-23-23

    This class is a thorough investigation into every abdominal exercise in the foundation material. We find the abdominals and then we work them out!

  • GT Intermediate Pulley Tower 08-13-23

    This class dives into the more advanced aspects of the Level 1 syllabus including: single spiral behind, sciatica and floor work.
    Building upon foundational concepts and exercises, this class continues to challenge while maintaining a focus on the fundamentals.